Does your property need a repair, renovation, or upgrade and don’t know where to start?

Using real job data, combined with expert consultation, we’ve built our estimators to give you a ballpark cost for a range of projects. It’s a great tool to explore when considering how materials, size and other choices impact the price of your project.


Building New


Are you ready to build your new home but don’t know where to start? Looking for specialist new house builders to help point you in the right direction?

You’ve come to the right place!

Building a new home in NZ is a big investment, so you want to make sure it’s done right. DwellStone can answer all of your questions, and help to get you moving in the right direction.

We specialise in sustainable new build homes and will help you choose the best practices and materials needed in order to build a healthy, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly new home. We pride ourselves on our personal approach, guiding you from concept to completion.

We can quote for and deliver a project that includes the full range of design and construction services, giving a single point of responsibility to minimise the costs and risks for the homeowner. The design and build solution reduces the delivery schedule by overlapping the design and construction phases. However, as we specialise in renovation work, we will not always accept work that involves the complete construction of a new home from scratch.

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Quality, Because It’s Important To Us.

A high-quality finish is included with every DwellStone new home. We love building and a quality finish is the only finish we do!

New Zealand’s Best 10 Year Guarantee.

Full cover Insurance is included with every DwellStone new home, protecting your investment with our extensive 10 year New Build Guarantee.

Complete Project Management.

We take care of all the council consents, engineers, architects and paperwork. From start to finish, you will only need to talk with us!

Your Own Personal Guide

Clients always come first at DwellStone. We will personally guide you through each step of your new home journey with frequent updates & support.

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Have a look at our project to see a sample of our completed projects.

Tips for Building a New House

Get In Sync With Your Priorities
Set Your Budgets
Know what you are getting into
Hire the right people
Consider hiring a designer
Think about cabinet and furniture placement early on in the design phase
Communicate everything and don’t assume anything
Be kind to everyone involved in your building process
Listen to professionals but know when to trust your gut

Popular Questions

  • Can We Afford It?

    On paper, building a home appears to be very affordable. However, while the numbers on paper might add up to an attractive price, you need to consider the construction costs of building a house that is not planned for. For instance, while lumber might have a certain cheap price today if your build is delayed, that framing cost could go up. And while your land may appear to be ready to build on now, you might find out that it requires additional surveying. Make sure you can afford the number on the price breakdown, but also that you have some wiggle room to work with so that one mistake or setback doesn’t completely blow your budget.

    Run the numbers and only sign on for what you can afford – sure, marble countertops might be nice, but not when your budget only allows for laminate. Pad your budget by at least 10% of the total cost to allow for unforeseen expenses.

  • Do We Have the Time and Patience?

    Having a house built rather than simply purchasing an existing home requires a much lengthier amount of time. Therefore, you need to be sure that you’ve got the time and the patience to deal with the variables involved in building a custom home. Even the most basic, stock-built homes take three to six months to finish, while custom homes can take up to 18 months or longer if you run into problems. If you’re in a rush to get into a home, buying one might be the best option.

  • Have We Weighed the Pros and Cons?

    Take your time to decide to build a home, and be sure to consider all of your options. Check out some of the built homes in your area in your price range, and weigh the pros and cons of purchasing an existing home. While your dream might be to build a custom house, it may make more sense to purchase a home now and hang onto that dream until you’re ready to stick around for a while. If the benefits outweigh the issues of time, patience, and budget, then you are ready to build your own home.

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